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Urinary Urgency Post-Menopause

About Urinary Urgency

Urinary urgency is a sudden, intense feeling of having to urinate. Upon onset of the symptoms, the sufferer must urinate soon or urinary incontinence may occur. Urinary urgency sometimes occurs alongside urinary frequency. Urinary urgency is usually a sign of another condition as well.

Causes of Urinary Urgency

The initial urge most often occurs due to contractions of the detrusor muscle, which is the muscle of the bladder. There are many things that can trigger this contraction.

Urinary tract infections are often typified by urinary urgency, although presence of urgency does not necessarily mean a UTI is present too.

Overactive bladders are a common condition with urinary urgency as one of its primary symptoms. The causes of an overactive bladder itself are unknown, although it is more common among women.

Urinary urgency, especially in conjunction with urinary frequency, may be a sign of undiagnosed and/or uncontrolled diabetes, as abnormally high blood sugar can increase the amount of urine produced.

Additionally, anything that irritates the urinary tract or places pressure on the bladder can induce urinary urgency. This can be something as relatively benign as irritation from a catheter to serious conditions like a nearby tumor.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The best way to treat urinary urgency is by treating its underlying cause. The physician should determine if the patient has a UTI, and if not, check for other conditions like cancer and diabetes. Treatment of these conditions with the proper medication should result in subsiding of any associated urination problems.

If no underlying cause is found, then the physician may return a diagnosis of overactive bladder syndrome. In this case, there are luckily many medications available to reduce the urgent nature of the urination, even preventing incontinence events from occurring.

We offer the following medications to help patients with their treatment of post-menopause urinary urgency.

Medications to Treat Urinary Urgency Post-Menopause

Over-the-Counter Medications:

  • Detrol
  • Vesicare
  • Toviaz
  • Ditropan
  • Oxytrol

Compounded Medications:
We can make capsules or oral suspensions of the following:

  • Estrogen
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