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Compounding Pharmacy

Our specialized pharmacists are experts in developing compounded pharmaceuticals to treat a variety of ailments and conditions.

Compounding Pharmacy Available Near Santa Monica, California

If you live in or near Santa Monica and need a specially formulated medication to address a particular ailment or combination of health conditions, consider compounded medication. For peace of mind and ease of administration, this form of medicine is the latest and greatest for so many patients. Our pharmacists custom-create medications to suit the needs of each patient.

Instead of taking a handful of pills at different times of the day, a compounded medication can combine several medications into one administered dose, with the same strength and an easier administration process. We also have the ability to create flavors so that kids or pets can have an easier time ingesting the medication.

Compounds For Every Diagnosis

Our compounded medication treat ailments and conditions in the following categories:

Fusion RX Serves Santa Monica and Beyond

Medical specialists from all over the United States rely on Fusion RX to create non-sterile medications for their patients. We deliver to 41 of the 50 states and we are located just 15 miles from Santa Monica.

The idea of blending medications has been around for centuries and has been a vital part of many cultures. Thanks to modern developments in science, Fusion RX can compound a staggering array of medicines into one easy dose, without losing the strength of the medication. Also, this method allows us to offer our patients the quality and care they deserve. Our patients will find a level of skill in Fusion RX that is unsurpassed as we are one of the leading compounding pharmacies in the United States. If you don’t enjoy taking pills let alone more than one at a time daily, let us know. If you don’t like the flavor of your standard medication, let us know. If you are suffering from allergies or certain side-effects, let us know. We can address each of your concerns collectively while designing your medication that can change your lifestyle and attitude about heath for the better. With easier administration, it becomes easier to deal with your condition and treatment.

Fusion RX Helps Children

The pharmaceutical industry does not put a lot of research and development into pediatric medication. Frequently, medicine for children is not labeled correctly and does not have appropriate dosage guidelines. Fusion RX compounding pharmacist Dr. Vahedi can address this by creating a compound specifically tailored for your child.

Many kids refuse to take their medicine because they don’t like the taste. We can put medication in many kid-friendly forms, including gummy bears and lollipops.

Give Your Pet the Exact Medication He or She Needs

We love animals here at Fusion RX and are very proud to say that we have helped dogs, cats, horses, birds and even reptiles treat various conditions. We can customize your pet’s medicationto the most appropriate delivery method and give the medication a palatable flavor.

We can also adjust the dosage of a given medication. Many pet medicines only come in a few dosage sizes that aren’t always appropriate. A pet can’t let you know how the medication is working, so more attention needs to be paid in getting the dose right for a given pet’s age and weight.

Fusion RX is helping people and pets in Santa Monica heal. If you would like to learn more about us, call the pharmacy line at (888) 792-6676.

We cater to patients throughout Los Angeles.

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