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Methionine is an important amino acid found naturally in many foods we eat such as fish, meat, beans, dairy products, grains, and nuts. The body uses methionine to create peptides and proteins that are critical to cellular function. Methionine has many uses in modern medicine; it is used for wound healing, to treat liver disorders or prevent some types of liver damage, to improve intestinal health, and for depression, schizophrenia, Parkinson's disease, alcoholism, drug withdrawal, and more. Additionally, and importantly, methionine can act as a means to increase glutathione production in the body—which is sometimes lowered by diseases or other medications. Low glutathione levels can lead to immunity suppression that may exacerbate failing health in some patients already suffering from certain diseases or conditions.


Methionine comes in various forms of delivery from powders and liquids, to tablets and capsules, or other if needed; talk to your doctor about what form is right for you. Dosage will depend on your relative health, condition, and age, with consideration given to possible drug interactions with other drugs you may already be taking. Only your doctor can decide if methionine is safe for your use, after a complete medical evaluation. Always follow your doctor's instructions for dosage and usage of any drug you are prescribed.


Methionine may activate side effects in some users, though as each person is unique some will experience side effects while others may not experience any at all. Watch closely for any side effects and see your doctor if any become worse or seem to be lingering. The most commonly encountered side effects are as follows:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness


Methionine may be contraindicated for select diseases, conditions, and situations. Ask your doctor to discuss all possible contraindications relevant to you and your condition.

Never take methionine unless you have consulted with your primary care doctor and she or he has decided that methionine is necessary for your treatment.

Methionine may be contraindicated due to possible drug interactions. Ask your doctor.

Methionine is contraindicated for anyone with an allergy to methionine analogues.

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