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Kinetin is a cytokinin, which is an organic compound that stimulates growth in plants. It is found in plants as well as animals. The role kinetin plays in the plant world has buoyed anti-aging researchers' hopes that kinetin, as a growth hormone, can be a formidable ingredient in topicals that may reduce wrinkles and improve skin's overall look and texture. Kinetin may delay typical characteristics of aging such as hyperpigmentation and cell growth rate. Its apparent ability to decrease water loss in the skin coupled with antioxidant qualities make kinetin a drug of interest for those concerned with skin appearance. Kinetin may also be beneficial in reducing the symptoms of Meniere's disease such as ringing in the ears, hearing loss, and dizziness.


Kinetin dosage is specific to a patient's health status, age, etc. Consult with your doctor and if he or she decides kinetin is appropriate for your treatment, they will provide proper dosage and usage directions. Kinetin topicals should be applied as instructed by your doctor.


Most people seem to tolerate kinetin well when used as a topical cream. Those who do experience side effects may encounter any of the following:

  • Stinging
  • Peeling
  • Erythema
  • Burning

Many other side effects may occur. You should monitor your condition carefully and seek medical help if you feel it is needed, and certainly if any side effects are worsening or growing in intensity and/or lingering.


If you are thinking of using this drug, do not do so without first consulting with your doctor and completing a full medical review of your health status.

Kinetin is contraindicated for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Caution is advised if you have a bleeding disorder as kinetin may increase bleeding times. Do not use kinetin if you have a bleeding disorder unless your doctor has given you the okay to begin use.

Kinetin may interact negatively with other supplements, drugs, or medications. Talk to your doctor about the possible interactions with any of the aforementioned.

As kinetin may have antioxidant effects, those who are taking antioxidant supplements should use caution. Confer with your doctor about this.

Kinetin may inhibit cell growth so talk to your doctor if you have any disease or condition in which this could pose a problem.

WARNING: Do not take kinetin at least two weeks prior to any surgical procedure as kinetin may increase bleeding.

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