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Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a commonly used antiseptic that has a myriad of practical applications due to its powerful oxygenating qualities. Hydrogen peroxide defends against infection when applied to relatively minor burns, cuts, and scrapes by releasing oxygen that foams, which then cleanses and removes dead skin. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used orally as a mouth rinse to diminish irritation and discomfort that can be a result of canker sores, cold sores, and gingivitis.


For external use, cleanse the intended area of application thoroughly and then apply a small amount as needed to the area. Typical use is one to three times daily or as your doctor suggests. As an oral rinse, combine equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water, swish in mouth for at least sixty seconds then spit out—do not swallow. You may repeat process several times daily.


Some may experience no side effects at all though side effects can occur. Common side effects seen with hydrogen peroxide are:

  • Redness at Site of Application
  • Irritation at Site of Application
  • Stinging at Site of Application

Other side effects are possible, so watch closely and seek medical assistance if you feel it is needed or if any side effects are intensifying and/or lingering.

Seek Medical Treatment:

If you experience any possible signs of a skin infection such as tenderness, heat, or pus at the site of application, stop using hydrogen peroxide at once and get medical treatment right away.

Allergic Reactions:

All allergic reactions are serious and need to be treated straightaway by qualified medical professionals. If you experience any signs of an allergic reaction, get medical assistance immediately. Possible signs of an allergic reaction are listed below; note that this is a partial list and there may be other signs of an allergic reaction not on this list. If you feel you are experiencing any allergic reaction, or anything that is concerning, get emergency medical attention promptly.

Possible Signs of Allergic Reaction:

  • Itching and/or Swelling of the Throat, Face, or Tongue.
  • Extreme Dizziness
  • Rash
  • Trouble Breathing


Ask your doctor about possible contraindications for the use of hydrogen peroxide that may be relative to you.

Hydrogen peroxide is contraindicated to anyone who is allergic to hydrogen peroxide.

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