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Gluconolactone is a PHA, polyhydroxy acid, that has moisturizing and antioxidant capabilities. It is an oxidized derivative of glucose known as a lactone. As gluconolactone is largely comprised of water-attracting hydroxyl groups, it can provide hydration and function as a moisturizing agent for the skin. Gluconolactone may possibly eliminate free radicals and protect the skin from particularly damaging UV radiation, thus it is sometimes considered as part of an anti-aging regimen. As a chelating agent, gluconolactone enables skin care products' effectiveness by removing metallic elements that could potentially damage or contaminate the skin. Those with aging or perhaps very sensitive skin may prefer gluconolactone over some other anti-aging and moisturizing acids as gluconolactone tends to be much more gentle on the skin than some of its more abrasive counterparts.


Gluconolactone, by itself or as an ingredient, comes in many forms of delivery, often in creams and solutions for external skin application. Always make sure the area of application is clean and dry before applying. Never use more than is necessary for sufficient coverage; ask you doctor for directions on application and consult with your compounding pharmacist about forms of delivery after being prescribed gluconolactone.


In general, most people tolerate gluconolactone well and have few if any side effects from usage; however, every person is unique and side effects may be experienced. If you are using gluconolactone and feel anything troubling or concerning happening with your body after or while using gluconolactone, contact your doctor right away.
A few of the possible side effects are listed below:

  • Stinging
  • Burning


Gluconolactone may be contraindicated for select medical conditions and diseases, health status, or age. Ask your doctor about possible contraindications.

Do not take gluconolactone unless you have informed your doctor of all the medications and drugs, etc. that you are currently taking, and he or she approves your use of gluconolactone.

Anyone considering the use of any new drug is advised to first have a complete medical review with their primary care doctor to assess their current medical status and relative health.

Gluconolactone is contraindicated for anyone with the following sensitivities, medical conditions, etc.:

  • Acne
  • Sunburned Skin
  • Acute Viral Infections
  • Pregnancy and Lactation
  • Open Wounds
  • Open Scratches
  • Fever
  • Hypersensitivity to Gluconolactone
  • Hyperkeratosis
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