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Ginger Root

Ginger root is a plant that is native to some areas of Asia such as India, Japan, and China. The many powerful benefits of this natural root have influenced other areas around the world to grow it for their use domestically as well. Ginger root is now regularly grown in Africa, South America, the Middle East, and even in The United States of America. Its medicinal, culinary, and aromatic qualities are widely known which makes this organically grown root a most celebrated plant in many divisions of business and medicine, and for simple home use. Specifically, in the arena of modern medicine, ginger root is often given as a treatment for many ailments such as: nausea, morning sickness and motion sickness, upset stomach and other stomach problems, arthritis, cough, respiratory infections, menstrual pain, bronchitis, chest pain, back pain, diabetes, anorexia, cholera, snake bites, toothaches, malaria, baldness, burns, insect bites, and much more. In the culinary world ginger root is a favorite among cooks and chefs as a powerful flavoring ingredient, and in manufacturing ginger root serves as a great natural fragrance.


Ginger root can be delivered in multiple forms tailored to your doctor's specifications, though often it is given as an oral supplement. Your dosage really depends on your condition, age, health status, and tolerance of ginger root. If your doctor thinks ginger root is a good supplement for you, he or she will coordinate with your compounding pharmacist to design a delivery method that will be most beneficial.


Many users take ginger root with few or no side effects presenting at all; however, side effects are certainly possible in some individuals. If you ever experience any side effects while using ginger root, monitor them and contact your doctor right away if they are growing/worsening or lingering. A few of the possible side effects that could present are as follows:

  • Diarrhea
  • Heart Burn
  • Extra Menstrual Bleeding
  • Stomach Irritation

Other side effects could present, watch for them and contact your doctor if any side effect is troublesome or concerning to you.


Possible contraindications may exist with ginger root; ask your doctor for more information.

Do not use ginger root if you are breastfeeding or getting ready to begin breastfeeding.

USE CAUTION: While ginger root may be safe for pregnancy, anyone who is pregnant or planning a pregnancy should not take ginger root until cleared to do so by their primary care doctor.

USE CAUTION: If you have a heart condition ginger root may be inadvisable. Consult with your doctor before beginning use of ginger root.

USE CAUTION: If you have a bleeding disorder ginger root may exacerbate your risk. Talk to your doctor about this.

USE CAUTION: Diabetes patients should be advised that ginger root might lower blood sugar or increase insulin levels. If you are diabetic check with your doctor regularly while using ginger root as he or she may need to adjust your medications.

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