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TriMix Injections for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

If you have failed to respond to popular oral therapies, get the most praised trimix injections Los Angeles men choose, only available from your compounding pharmacy.

Erectile dysfunction — the inability to achieve or maintain an erection adequate for sexual intercourse – affects nearly 20 million men in the U.S. alone. Causes of erectile dysfunction, or ED, include health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure, as well as the use of certain medications, tobacco, alcohol and other substances. ED may also have psychological causes ranging from depression to relationship problems.

The Best TriMix Injections Los Angeles Offers

Popular pharmaceutical drugs for erectile dysfunction include Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, but many men may not respond to these treatments. Another option is TriMix - an injectable compound of the drugs alprostadil, phentolamine and papaverine. While alprostadil, phentolamine and papaverine are often used as monotherapies for ED, the TriMix combination of the three results in increased efficacy, especially for men who have failed to respond to other forms of treatment.

TriMix, available only from a compounding pharmacy, is safe and fast-acting; injected into the penis minutes before intercourse, TriMix injections eliminate the waiting period of most oral ED medications like Viagra. TriMix injections are also less expensive than oral medications, has fewer side effects and is not affected by the consumption of alcohol.

According to the American Urologic Association, intracavernous, or penile, injection is the most effective non-surgical treatment for erectile dysfunction, with a success rate surpassing that of Viagra, the most commonly prescribed oral medication for ED. In a recent study, patients were administered both the oral generic form of Viagra, sildenafil, and a penile injection. Participants were asked to compare results based on rigidness of erection, overall satisfaction and choice for future use. All participants observed a more rigid erection with penile injections versus sildenafil, and the majority reported that they would continue to use the injections over brand-name or generic Viagra.

TriMix injections are only available at compounding pharmacies and must be prescribed by your doctor. If oral ED medications have failed to work for you, speak to your doctor about whether TriMix may be an effective treatment option.

If, after consulting your doctor, you believe this could be an option, contact Fusion Rx today to get the top rated trimix injections Los Angeles men trust.

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