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Dimethylglycine is a naturally occurring amino acid found in the body. As a manufactured drug, dimethylglycine has a wide array of uses such as for the treatment of epilepsy, cancer, ADHD, inflammation, respiratory disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, and various addictions. Dimethylglycine is sometimes prescribed as a means to enhance athletic performance, to ameliorate behavior and speech in patients with autism, to improve liver or nervous system function, to reduce stress, as an anti-aging agent, immunity booster, blood pressure stabilizer, and more.


Usage and dosage of dimethylglycine will depend on your medical condition, age, and current health status. Consult with your doctor and he or she will provide all the necessary information for use of this drug. Your compounding pharmacist will be happy to answer any questions you may have and compound the drug as per your doctor‘s recommendations.


Most drugs can activate side effects in the beginning or throughout the course. Consult with your doctor about potential side effects, if any, that could possibly occur while using dimethylglycine.


Anyone considering the use of dimethylglycine should not begin taking it until they have consulted with their physician, as it is important for one‘s physician to fully understand your medical history and be made aware of any medications you are currently taking. Certain diseases or medical conditions, drugs or supplements may make the use of dimethylglycine inadvisable; only your doctor can assess whether your condition warrants the use of this drug.

Do not take dimethylglycine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or about to become pregnant or about to begin breastfeeding.

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