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Compounding Pharmacy for Dentistry

The compounding pharmacist can design specialized medications to treat pain and discomfort and to assist healing in post-dental surgery and/or routine dental work as well as for a range of afflictions that affect the patient’s mouth, gums, and lips.

The medical and post-operative problems included are:

  • Burning Mouth Syndrome
    Also referred to as glossodynia, this syndrome causes a burning sensation in the mouth and can be attributed to scalding of the mouth, among other causes.
  • Canker Sores
    A small, painful sore or lesion that develops in the mouth or around the gums but is not contagious (unlike cold sores).
  • Cold Sores
    A fever blister is a viral infection that can form around the border of one's lips and is caused by the herpes simplex virus.
  • Dry Mouth
    Reduced salivary flow can cause dry mouth syndrome, which is an uncomfortable and unhealthy state change in saliva composition.
  • Exaggerated gag reflex
    An abnormally active gag reflex can contribute to a gagging problem.
  • Excessive Salivation
    Hypersalivation is the exact opposite of dry mouth and can cause discomfort as the composition of one’s saliva is not in its optimal, healthy state.
  • Mucositis
    Oral mucositis involves painful inflammation of the membrane and cells lining the digestive tract and can usually take the form of ulceration as a result of chemotherapy.
  • Oral Sedation
    Various drugs can be used for sedation dentistry including diazepam, triazolam, zaleplon, lorazepam, and hydroxyzine.
  • Oral Thrush
    A fungal infection on the lining of the mouth, which is considered an abnormal growth, and can cause pain if uncontrolled.
  • Pain and infection
    Pain as well as infection can occur in the mouth and gums naturally and after dental surgery.
  • Periodontitis
    A gum infection which can cause damage to the jawbone as well as your gums.
  • Stomatitis
    This condition known as an inflamed, sore mouth can occur anywhere in the mouth and can affect one’s ability to eat and speak.
  • Temporo-Mandibular Junction/ Joint Dysfunction (TMJ)
    Pain, immobility and discomfort in the jaw are symptoms that typically accompany TMJ.

Our compounding pharmacists work together with the dentist and the patient to provide customized medications including:

  • Lip balm for viral / bacterial lesions
  • Muscle relaxants and analgesics
  • Topical anesthetics
  • Anti-bacterial rinses
  • Preparations to reduce dry socket discomfort
  • Special bandages for irritated or infected mucosa
  • Anti-gag chewable pills or lozenges

For a thorough list of all medications offered at our pharmacy, click here.

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