Veterinary Compounding

If you’re like most animal lovers, your pet is a member of the family. You want to take the best care possible of your furry friend, and that includes keeping them healthy. When it comes to the well being of your non-human family members, you expect the same level of sophistication and expertise that you would want for yourself. Just ask any veterinarian; they can tell you that today’s pet owner has a deep knowledge about their pet’s needs, including the medications they may need.

Custom Veterinary Compounding

If you own animals that need any form of medication, Fusion Rx Compounding Pharmacy can produce them in a better form for your pet. Veterinary compounding is our specialty, making us the logical choice for providing your pet’s medicine. We can customize your pet’s medication, which provides you with a number of advantages.

  • Proper Dosage
  • Tasty Flavors
  • Alternative Delivery Methods
  • Custom Formulas
  • Discontinued Medication

We can produce medication for a wide range of animals, including:

  • Birds
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Ferrets
  • Horses
  • Rabbits
  • Reptiles

When you work with Fusion Rx Compounding, you’ll never have to struggle giving your cat her pills, and that’s why we’re the veterinary compounding pharmacy Los Angeles residents trust.

Custom Compounding Creates the Perfect Dosage

Pets are a lot like people: they come in a wide range of sizes and have individual needs. Some pet medications are only made in a few dosages. But even a medicine designed for a “small dog” can have a different effect on an eight pound dog than it might on a twenty pound dog. Human beings can sometimes adjust dosages based on how they feel, but your dog can’t tell you what effect their medication might be having .Here at Fusion Rx Compounding, we provide custom veterinary compounding Los Angeles pets and pet owner’s both love.

Custom Veterinary Compounding Makes GivingPets Their Medicine a Breeze

Most medications are unflavored, which is to saythey taste awful. It’s no wonder your cat or dog refuses to take their medicine. Dogs can sometimes be tricked with a pill placed strategically in a treat, but most cats will just eat around their medicine. Make things easier on you and your pet by getting their medication in tasty, custom flavors. You’ll have to hide your pet’s medicine so they don’t eat it all at once when you get their pills in meat and fish flavors. Even birds can benefit with fruit-flavored medicinal solutions. No matter what your pet’s tastes, we can design a flavor that will make getting them to take their medicine easier than ever.

Veterinary Transdermal Medications

If oral medications are not good for your pet, we can make their medication in alternative forms. A transdermal application is an increasingly popular way to give pets their medicine. Many medications are compatible with transdermal bases. These easy-to-use solutions can be administered by rubbing them on the inside of your pet’s ears or other hairless areas. This delivery method is particularly useful for animals that should not be stressed due to cardiovascular or hypertensive illness. And you don’t have to worry about scratches and bite marks from pet’s that resist medication. We can also prepare topical treatments for application at the site of inflammation or infection.

Allergen-Free Formulas

Commercially available medications usually contain more than just the active ingredients. They can often use lactose, gluten, and other allergens in their formulas. We all know someone who’s allergic to one of these substances, and it’s no different for pets. We can create a medication without using the ingredients your pet is allergic to.

Discontinued Veterinary Medications

For one reason or another, pharmaceutical companies often stop producing certain medications. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t animals that still need these medicines. In these cases, we can produce the medication your pet needs.

Here at Fusion Rx Compounding Pharmacy, we are as committed to the health of your animal almost as much as you are. Contact our compounding pharmacy today to make your pet’s medication better, and finally experience the best veterinary compounding pharmacy Los Angeles has to offer.

Unavailable medications?

Manufacturers often stop producing medicines and dosage forms which are unprofitable to market due to low demand. This is what we specialize at in veterinary compounding. However, there is still the occasional need for such products. Perhaps a veterinary formulation is unavailable, and for one reason or another, the human preparation just won’t do. We can obtain the necessary pharmaceutical grade chemicals, and from them compound individualized dosage forms that may even be superior to the discontinued formulation for use in a particular animal.

Combination needed?

The ideal preparation for veterinary compounding may need to contain several ingredients to treat a variety of symptoms. For example an animal may have skin problems that do not respond to as preparation. Yet, using three medicines forms containers can be inconvenient and more costly. We can compound the needed concentrations of compatible medications into a single, easy-to-use preparation. Similarly, we can prepare a medicated treat or other dosage containing multiple drugs to simplify administration.

Novel devices and delivery systems

In addition to customized veterinary compounding medications, we offer a variety of unique dispensing devices to simplify administration and improve compliance. For example, oral and topical syringes provide a simple means of accurately measuring and administering medication, and are particularly useful when the dose is fluctuating. Accordion-like puffers are ideal for applying powder to difficult-to-reach areas like the ear canal. A dauber bottle is excellent for topical application, such as painting medication on a hoof. Sustained release dosage forms can also be compounded.