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Collagenase is protease that is enzymatic debriding in that it has the ability to remove collagen from necrotic tissue. Collagenases are often used to help heal wounds and also in the treatment of Peyronie's disease and Dupuytren's contracture, a condition that may cause fingers to bend into a rigid, fixed position permanently.

How to Use Collagenase

Collagenase may be prescribed for patients as an ointment. For application of a collagenase ointment you should first clean the target area with a saline solution or other cleanser provided by your doctor or compounding pharmacist. If you have an infection, your doctor will likely prescribe a topical antibiotic as well for application to your wound before you apply collagenase. Follow your doctor's directions for usage of any products, medications, or drugs.

Possible Side Effects

Most patients tolerate collagenase quite well, though it is always possible to experience side effects with any medication or drug regardless of its ingredients because every person's body is unique. The most commonly reported side effect with the use of collagenase is erythema, a surface reddening of the skin. If you feel you are experiencing any side effects that are concerning, contact your doctor.


Consult with your doctor before using collagenase if you have a known reduced or limited resistance to infection.

Do not use collagenase if you have a known allergic reaction to collagenase.

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