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Clinical Trials

Fusion Rx's Clinical Trial Services

Clinical trials are important but difficult to perform. One company that can help assist clinical trial investigators is Fusion Rx. We can help with the first three phases during investigational drug clinical trials. Fusion Rx Compounding Pharmacy provides clinical trial services and also owns Fusion IV, which is a sterile compounding pharmacy. Both pharmacies employ pharmacists, quality assurance personnel and engineers.

Our management team uses relationship management principles to encourage teamwork amongst directors, sponsors and clinical trial investigators. We work to ensure that everyone remains focused on the issue at hand. For example, Fusion Rx Compounding Pharmacy displays these principles by using advanced technology and creative management to ensure that companies meet all business standards when testing clinical trial advancements.

The pharmacists at Fusion Rx have a variety of additional knowledge from their experience working in hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing and the chemical industry. They can help companies achieve their objectives. Fusion Rx can help others submit applications to the FDA, evaluate new therapies for human diseases and change active drugs to fit the study's protocol. We can also help with placebo control and quality control documentation.

Fusion Rx provides clinical trial services to hospitals, medical schools and veterinary schools. In addition, we also offer investigational research services to universities and research institutions. Placebo medications come in a variety of forms. For oral medications, we offer capsules, pastes, powders and liquids. Our nasal options include sprays, drops, ointments and irrigations. In addition, we offer injection solutions, urethral gels, ophthalmic solutions, rectal suppositories, optic powders and topical creams.

To ensure that each clinical trial is successful, Fusion Rx uses intensive quality control programs. We document every step of the compounding process so that others can review it. For example, we keep track of the compounding instructions by recording the ingredient details, manufacturer and chemical expiration dates. Each time researchers use a chemical, they must record the calibration data.

It is important to keep track of every detail during the testing process. Researchers must keep track of the dosage strength and form that each study participant received. Fusion Rx Compounding Pharmacy has access to all kinds of different federally approved medications and chemicals. We have multiple suppliers, which allow them to concoct great products for studies. Our services are available to all organizations that need help conducting clinical research trials.

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