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Ciclopirox is classified as an antifungal, a custom made drug that is principally used for fingernail and toenail infections that often cause pain, splitting, and discoloration of the nail. With regular nail trimmings and use of ciclopirox, some patients see significant improvement of symptoms related to their fungal infections.

How to Use Ciclopirox

Ciclopirox is delivered in a solution form and is usually applied to the infection site once per day, as directed by your physician or healthcare provider. Ciclopirox works best when applied on a regular and consistent schedule. Follow prescription instructions and if necessary consult your compounding pharmacist for questions regarding usage and application.

Possible Side Effects

Side effects may be possible though ciclopirox is generally tolerated well by most patients. The most common side effect seen with ciclopirox is redness at the site of application. If you feel you have redness, or any other concerning side effect, and it is lingering, contact your physician.

Uncommon but Possibly Serious Side Effects:

If you encounter any of the following, call your doctor right away:

  • Ingrown Nail
  • Discoloration of Nail
  • Change in Shape of Nail
  • Pain at the Site of Infection or Surrounding Area
  • Irritation / Burning / Blistering / Itching / Swelling / Oozing at Application Site


There are currently no known contraindications for ciclopirox.

While there is no indication that ciclopirox could harm an unborn baby, you should still inform your primary care physician if you become pregnant.

It is unknown as to whether ciclopirox can pass into breast-milk. If you are planning on breast-feeding, discuss all your options for treatment with your primary care physician and do not use ciclopirox unless your physician has decided the topical medication is necessary.

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