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Chlorambucil is a custom drug, an alkylating agent that is used to slow or stop the growth of cancer cells. Chlorambucil has other medical uses. All patients should discuss their options with their primary care physician and review with him or her the benefits and risks of using this drug.

How to Use Chlorambucil

Chlorambucil should be taken by mouth, typically once a day for three to six weeks as prescribed by your physician. Consult with your physician regarding specific directions.

Possible Side Effects

Many side effects are possible as each patient is unique. It is critically important for all patients who are being prescribed to use chlorambucil to discuss in depth with their primary care physician all of the many possible side effects from mild to moderate to severe. While using chlorambucil, monitor your side effects closely and contact your physician when side effects are experienced. Seek emergency medical care if you feel any side effects that you discussed with your physician at your initial consultation are getting worse or if you experience any other side effects that are troubling or concerning to you.


Warning: There are many serious risks and possible outcomes with the use of chlorambucil. Do not use this drug unless you have consulted with your primary care physician and fully discussed all the risks and potential dangers, side effects, as well as all of your options with them.

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