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Compounding Pharmacy

Our specialized pharmacists are experts in developing compounded pharmaceuticals to treat a variety of ailments and conditions.

Compounded Medicine Available to Residents of Century City, California

At Fusion RX, we make compounded medications for adults, children and animals. Fusion Rx is the most trusted compounding pharmacy in the Los Angeles region. We are just 20 minutes from Century City and the surrounding area.

The Effectiveness of Compounds

A compounded medication is either one medicine or a combination of two or more medicines in one dose. We can create compounds in many different forms, including pills or ointments. We can even make gummy bear medications or lollipops for kids. This can be extremely beneficial if your child is especially sensitive or dislikes taking medication, perhaps changing the form or method of the medicine can be helpful in administering it as often as is needed without the hassle.

Compounded medications are considered to be a beneficial alternative to over-the-counter medicine for several reasons. One reason being that individuals can become immune to the typical generic medications that after repetitive use can also take a toll on your body.  Some patients that don't respond to store-bought drugs may find the results they need with compounded pharmaceuticals. Some patients have allergies while others are simply naturally resistant to certain treatments at times.

Fusion Rx Serves the Century City Region

Another significant benefit of compounded medication is that it eliminates the hassle of taking numerous pills throughout the day. Our pharmacists can put everything you need in a single pill while ensuring you receive the optimal dose.

Our staff is fully accredited and completes and exhaustive annual training to keep current on the latest medical technology. We stay in touch with your providers to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Compounds are Versatile

We create compounds for conditions that are included in the following categories:

The Fusion Rx Online Order System

One of our most popular features is our free online ordering service for patients and doctors. This will allow you to be updated on the status of your order and allow you to retrieve order information right away.Our system is extremely simple to use and is free for patients and licensed medical personnel. To open an account, head to our registration page.

You don't need to download any special medical programs. You will be given a secure password and there will be an audit trail of everything that occurs on your account.

Using this system eliminates a lot of errors caused by handwritten prescriptions. We offer free training and phone support for medical staff throughout Los Angeles County.

If you live in the Century City region or if you live in the continental United States, call our pharmacy line to learn more at (888)792-6676 to reap the benefits of the finest cutting edge technology which develops safe and effective compounded medicine.

We cater to patients throughout Los Angeles.

  • "It is rare to find health professionals who are so willing to educate the patient on what they need to know."

    Clair C. | West Hollywood, CA