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What is Compounding Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Published on February 5th, 2016

Hormones are chemical messengers that our bodies use to share information between different organ systems. They help keep all of our body’s functions in sync. If your hormones are out of balance it can effect many realms of your health, including your emotions, metabolism, skin, and sex life – just think of how haywire your body felt during puberty!

Hormones can become unbalanced due to menopause, disease, or other factors, causing a slew of negative effects. Compounded hormone replacement therapy (HRT) offers a solution to restore balance to hormones.

How is compounded HRT unique?

Compound therapies are custom prepared medications that are mixed to meet the unique needs of a particular patient. Compounded HRT provides an advantage over “one-size-fits-all” hormone treatments, because it takes into account a patient’s current hormone levels and desired outcome for an individualized therapy.

A compound pharmacist works closely with a healthcare provider to evaluate a patient’s current hormone state and develop a hormone replacement strategy to help bring her hormone levels back into a comfortable balance.

What conditions can compounded HRT treat?

The most common use for hormone replacement is alleviation of the symptoms of menopause, however, hormone imbalances can occur at any age and compounded HRT can be used to treat conditions that arise at any point in a woman’s life. Conditions that respond well to hormone therapy include:

  • Reproductive conditions, such as PMS, irregular cycle, and infertility
  • Mental conditions, such as mood swings, poor sleep, and post-partum depression
  • Sexual conditions, such as decreased libido, painful intercourse, and vaginal dryness
  • Weight gain and more

Millions of women are affected by these conditions, and many companies have produced generic products to treat them. Unlike a generic pill, compounded HRT recognizes that each woman is different and tailors treatment specifically to her.

What can I expect with compounded HRT?

The first step in developing your custom HRT strategy is understanding your unique hormonal profile. A compounding pharmacist can give you a hormone evaluation to fill out, and assist your healthcare provider in assessing hormone levels obtained from a serum or saliva sample.

Guided by the results of these tests, your healthcare provider and compounding pharmacist will work with you to develop a treatment plan suited to the needs of your body. Your pharmacist can then prepare your custom hormone treatment in the appropriate dosage form, such as capsules, creams, suppositories, or sublingual drops.

Once therapy begins, you will continue to work with your healthcare team to ensure that the desired results are being accomplished and make adjustments as necessary.

Compounded hormone replacement therapy can help bring your body back into balance. Contact us for a consultation today!

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