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Compounded Sinus Treatment for Acute and Chronic Rhinosinusitis

Published on February 19th, 2016

The Turn of the Seasons

Although people who suffer from chronic rhinosinusitis can battle problems year-round, there is often an uptick in symptoms When the seasons change. Spring and fall are particularly bad for aggravating these problems, but some individuals also see worse symptoms when spring turns to summer or fall turns to winter. At that time, compounding pharmacies see an uptick in customers looking for relief.

Finding Relief from this Condition

Some people rely heavily on home remedies. This is fine if symptoms are moderate. However, for particularly stubborn, persistent issues, compounded treatments are typically the preferred way to go. These days, there is a wide variety of both OTC and prescription treatments readily available. They include topical treatments, such as pain killers or sinus rinses, and oral medications, such as decongestants, steroids and antibiotics.

Severity of Symptoms

Sinusitis just means the sinus tissues are inflamed. Although this is uncomfortable and can interfere with breathing through the nose, it is not necessarily due to infection. Another possible cause for such symptoms includes allergies. The treatment methods have some areas of overlap, but also include important differences.

Topical sprays or saline rinses may be sufficient to give relief of allergy symptoms, yet can also be helpful with more serious problems. If there is a yellow or green discharge, this is an infection and may warrant antibiotics. In a world of increasingly antibiotic resistant strains of infection, it is wise to not prescribe antibiotics unnecessarily.

However, when they are called for, they can be literally lifesaving. In the era before antibiotics, infections we consider minor today were sometimes fatal. If ignored, any infection has the potential to turn more serious. So you should always deal with infection as a serious matter.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

If you have a history of sinus problems, you should not wait until symptoms take a turn for the worse to seek treatment. A good maintenance routine and effective preventive measures can help you avoid having minor problems turn into major ones.

This is not only going to give you better quality of life, it is typically easier on your budget. Arm yourself with good information and good preventive treatments before you get sick. A compounding pharmacy is a place where you can get both information and treatment products. If you have a history of sinus problems, call Fusion RX today for a consultation.

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