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Chronic Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Published on June 23rd, 2017

There are many reasons why an individual may suffer from halitosis, or simply: chronic bad breath. Gum disease or cavities within the teeth can cause bad breath as bacterial plaque grows or builds up on the teeth and tongue. Cracked fillings may allow bacteria growth that can lead to bad breath as can dentures that are never properly cleaned. Additionally, your tonsils can have food particles trapped upon them and this may also lead to bad breath of a chronic nature.

However, one often overlooked potential cause of chronic bad breath could be xerostomia, known to most as dry mouth. When the mouth becomes dry it is obviously because the saliva production in the mouth is lower than necessary to keep a salivary flow, which helps to decrease bacteria and fungi from getting stuck and building up inside the mouth. This lack of flow can often be the cause of chronic bad breath/halitosis. If the mouth is dry it may be caused by many medications, diseases, infections, or medical treatments, and may even be hereditary. The only way to know the cause of your dry mouth, and potentially the cause of your chronic bad breath is to have a full medical consultation and exam with your physician. If your physician feels that you may benefit from an artificial saliva gel such as Mucolox, a compounding pharmacy can assist you with this. Consult with your physician to get to the root of the problem of your chronic bad breath for your health and happiness, and peace of mind.

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