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Can Economic Circumstances Make You Sick?

Published on January 13th, 2014

You might have heard anecdotes about people developing ulcers or getting headaches because of long-term stress, especially when it comes to money. Perhaps you have even experienced diminished health due to financial stresses yourself. According to a report in The New York Times, a new study has found a correlation between tough economic times and an increase in people becoming physically ill.

Researchers – including the study’s senior author, Professor John W. Ayers of San Diego State University – looked at Google queries for health terms throughout the great recession and after. They found a noted increase in search traffic for health terms like abdominal pain, headaches, migraine, and hundreds of other terms. Searches for stomach ulcer symptoms jumped 228 percent, while headache symptom searches increased 193 percent.

It seems that people became sicker as the economy slumped, strengthening the connection between stress and sickness that so many of us already suspect. As the economy worsened, the number of people searching for symptoms related to things like headaches increased. However, the numbers remained high even after the economy began to recover in general, possibly owed to things like high unemployment which have persisted despite the general recovery.

There are a number of pain management methods that can be used for patients who find themselves dealing with chronic illnesses. Patients with ulcers, for instance, may benefit from pain medications that are administered in the form of patches or suppositories, which can be specially prepared by a compounding pharmacist. This is because certain medications can actually cause a stomach ulcer to worsen when taken orally.

Whatever your condition, proper pain management can be a crucial part of treatment. Stress management may also be sought by patients whose health is compromised by external factors like economic downturn. Treating the underlying causes of conditions like chronic headaches is usually the surest way to overcome them.

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