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Five Ways to Improve your health

Published on September 5th, 2013

The choice to be in control of your health begins with you. There are plenty of options for everyone to choose from as the body continues to age. Statistics show that women live 81 years on average and men 76. Living a healthy lifestyle does not always mean eating nothing but salad and filling the home with bulky exercise equipment for multiple hours of use. Lifestyle adaptations for the body’s age increase can make the difference in healthy living. One way to help increase a body’s longevity is to administer medication for the body’s needs. Compounding pharmacies offer a wide variety of personalized medication that is customized to every patient’s condition.

Personalized medicine is made by compounding pharmacy , which designs medication tailored to an individual’s own medical condition. Compounding mixes or alters drug ingredients to fulfill a prescription that cannot be treated with a current FDA-approved medication. A licensed compounding pharmacy will provide appropriate dosage for each patient in the form of topical creams, gels, pills and suppositories. At Fusion Rx Compounding Pharmacy in Los Angeles, patients can experience the benefits of individually prepared prescription medications that are combined with the most advanced compounding techniques. Here are five ways that anyone can utilize healthier living.

Increase medication efficacy

The ability that compounding pharmacies have to combine and adjust medications based on a patient’s need is a practice that is utilized quite often. The capacity for beneficial change is compared to be higher than the normal use of FDA medications.

Decrease medication side effects

When medication is customized, the tailored medication meets the requirements requested by a patient’s physician. This reduces the chances of the patient suffering an allergic reaction, infection, nausea or other side effects. This is especially effective when managing a patient’s pain medication. Compounding makes it simpler to apply proper dosage and helps eliminate overdosage or side effects associated with overdosage.

Manage conditions that are present

It is important for a patient with medical conditions to be in control of their illness. Following the doctor’s orders is suggested by all physicians, especially pharmacists. That includes taking blood pressure, regulating healthy food consumption and engaging in exercise.

According to the FDA, compounded drugs are able to serve patients that cannot be treated by FDA approved medication. For reasons including a patient who has an allergy to a certain dye, the compounded medication can serve its purpose without allergic side effects. They are also customized for elderly or young patients who cannot swallow pills, so a liquid compound is the next available option.

Manage stress levels

Everyone has those moments of frustration, pain and stress, whether at home, work or in public events. Being constantly on edge can take its toll on the body and physical health can suffer. It is necessary to take steps to calm down the aggression by spending time with friends or family, exercising, regular massage therapy or counseling. The first thing to do is to identify what makes the body stressed keep track of any indicators in a journal and try to change unhealthy habits.

Limit use of alcohol

Drinking a beer in moderation is okay once in a while, but turning to alcohol to reduce stress, relax or to suppress other habits is not good for an aging body, especially when on medication. Limiting the body to two alcoholic beverages a day is acceptable (12 ounces beer, 8 ounces liquor or wine). However, excessive alcohol use can raise blood pressure and increase the risk of colon, kidney or liver cancer.

Simple lifestyle changes will be able to prevent development of most diseases and protect the body’s health. Aging bodies do not have to resort to turning into a bodybuilder or a complete vegetarian, all that is necessary is to acquire medicine and to maintain good health.

The Fusion Rx Compounding Pharmacy can provide a wide range of medicines prescribed by physicians. By combining the correct amount of ingredients and the right dosage, patients can treat illness and pain effectively.

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