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Compounding Pharmacy

Our specialized pharmacists are experts in developing compounded pharmaceuticals to treat a variety of ailments and conditions.

Compounding Pharmacy for Residents of Beverly Hills, CA

Fusion Rx is a compounding pharmacy that offers advanced techniques in compounding medicine and is in close proximity to Beverly Hills, CA. We also offer delivery services for our clients' convenience.

The Benefits of Compounded Medicines

Compounded medications are essentially custom-designed drugs that are tailored to each patient's needs in the sense that every individual seeking treatment requires a specific amount of a certain drug. Often times, this is not available or easily accessible for many patients, either because it is too expensive or may not exist in the right dosage. For example, a patient who may suffer from more than one ailment will need certain amounts of particular drugs where the combined effects are controlled and balanced and the side-effects minimized. Since medicine when combined, becomes compounded, it can eliminate discomfort for patients who do not want to take more than one pill or dosage a day. This is why the primary goal of creating compounded medicine is to control a sometimes uncontrollable variable, namely the dosage that many standard pharmacies and over-the-counter medications provide. Another essential element in the art of compounding medicine is addressing allergies or other side-effects that can cause more harm than good for your health. Our pharmacists work around your allergies and customize dosages to provide optimal benefits and the least amount of side-effects. If you or a loved one have multiple medications you need to take, this can be your saving grace. For example, if a parent has to take multiple pills every night, even more than 2, this can become burdensome and often give them the feeling they are of old age or poor health. To minimize this sentiment and enhance the quality of their life, much can be done in terms of medicine to provide a sense of relief and comfort.

Compounds come in a variety of forms including pills, ointments, liquids and even gummy bears for kids. Our pharmacists have access to most major drugs such as ceftazidime and naproxen. We can help treat diabetic neuropathy, infertility, seizures and many other debilitating conditions. We frequently develop compounds for children and animals as well. We can create their medicine in a form that is easy to administer and receive as the patient.

We Also Offer Veterinary Compounding for Pets and Animals

Animals especially benefit from compounded medications as veterinary medicine tends to only come in a few dosages, which frequently are not what animals of certain sizes need. We have compounded medications for an array of animals and pets, from dogs and horses to birds and lizards, all that have benefited from customized medications developed by Fusion Rx.

Our Pharmacy is Conveniently Located Near Beverly Hills

Fusion Rx is located in Los Angeles and just a 20 minute drive from Beverly Hills. If you think medical compounds can improve the life of you or someone you love, please contact us online today or call (888) 792-6676.

We cater to patients throughout Los Angeles.

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