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Benzocaine is an anesthetic that can block nerve signals within the body and thus help reduce pain and relieve discomfort that may be associated with a wide variety of conditions. Benzocaine is used for numerous purposes including but not limited to sunburns, sore throat, vaginal irritation, rectal irritation, hemorrhoids, ingrown painful toenails, teething pain, and more. Benzocaine is also used in a clinical environment on patients who need to have a tube or speculum inserted into their body. In these cases it works as a numbing agent to allay discomfort.

How to Use Benzocaine

Benzocaine can come in many forms. Discuss with your doctor to decide which is best for you and your specific condition. As always, follow your doctor's directions carefully. If you have questions you may consult with your doctor or compounding pharmacist.

Possible Side Effects

Benzocaine is usually tolerated well by most patients but in some cases redness, tingling, or burning may be experienced. If you experience any of those reactions and the reaction stays or gets worse then contact your doctor.


Anyone pregnant, breast-feeding, or planning a pregnancy should inform their physician and should not take benzocaine unless their doctor approves its use. Do not use benzocaine topical if you have a congenital or idiopathic methemoglobinemia. Do not use benzocaine drops if you have an infection in your middle ear or a hole in your eardrum, or if you have a systemic mastocytosis. Benzocaine is not recommended for burns of a serious nature, or for deep wounds.

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