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List of Medications

Acetyl Dipeptide

Acetyl Dipeptide is a naturally occurring peptide within the body that may have anti-aging benefits. The peptide promotes the release of targeted agents that stimulate feelings of well-being and calm which in turn decreases facial tension that accelerates fine lines and wrinkles. Compounded medications can boost elasticity, strengthen skin, reduce puffiness, and may help to reduce muscle contractions which negatively impact the skin and contribute to deep facial lines and/or wrinkling, as well as sagging in the face or neck (jowls).

How to Use

Wash your face and neck as normal then gently dry skin with a hand or bath towel. Apply a small amount to the problem areas of your face and neck. Massage into the skin with a soft, circular motion until completely dissolved.

Possible Side Effects

Though most users experience minimal or no side effects at all, side effects are always possible with any topical medication. If you experience burning, stinging, itching or a rash, consult with your physician and discontinue use.


People with extremely sensitive skin or skin allergies should consult with their physician before using.

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