At Fusion RX Compounding we offer a multitude of services to better provide for your needs. Some of these services include but are not limited too  veterinary compounding, sterile compounding, hormone replacement therapy, applications for pain management and discomfort control, and pediatrics.

Veterinary Compounding: One of the biggest problems in giving your animals medicine is that one size does not fit all. At Fusion RX Compounding we are able to create a medication with the right strength and dosage size for the your specific pet in an easy to administer form.

Sterile Compounding: This is a very important part of medicine in that anything that is going directly into your body needs to have extra care put into it in a sterile environment that will keep it from getting contaminated. Our sterile compounding room is held to the highest of standards and meets all of the USP 797 guidelines.

Pain Management and discomfort control: Being able to manage chronic pain is something that everyone in the medical field strives to accomplish for their patients. We are able to provide these medications in several different dosage formats to best suit the needs of the patient. They range from transdermally or applied directly to the skin to imitation sweets and suppositories.

Pediatrics: Pharmaceutical companies do not try very hard at making the medication for kids very kid friendly. The medications usually taste very bad making it a pain to give to your children. At Fusion RX Compounding we are able to make this problem go away by compounding something that your child will not have a problem with and also offer several different forms to administer the doses from “gummy bears” to suppositories.

These are but a few of the services that we offer. At Fusion RX Compounding we strive to help get you better from whatever ails you. Contact us if you have any question on these or any other of the services that we offer.

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