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Compounding Pharmacies

When a patient is allergic to the chief ingredient in a common medication, or when the strength of a prescribed medication needs to be adjusted, that’s when compounding pharmacists come in. We accommodate to the various and unique needs of every single one of our patients. And that’s where we at Fusion Rx Compounding strive to differentiate ourselves from other pharmacies and compounding pharmacies. We make it our point to work closely with you and your doctors to craft the best possible medication specific to your needs.

Some of the specialized duties our compounding pharmacist can do for you:

  • Produce medications according to uniquely specified dosages

  • Change the form a medication dosage may typically be available in (for instance, changing a medication normally available in liquid form to pill form)

  • Combine multiple medications into one

Testimonials:Your Favorite Neighborhood Compounding Pharmacy

We’re quickly becoming a favorite amongst Los Angeles patients because of our ability to deliver top-notch compounding that meets our patients’ specifications.

Just ask yelp user Cinde S., who raves about or helpful staff, Dr. Vahedi’s recommendations or how prescriptions are consistently filled in a timely manner, even before they are needed. Yahoo user Alex shared similar thoughts on a positive experience at Fusion Rx compounding pharmacy. As a new client with an emergency situation, we made it our priority to fill Alex’s prescription promptly and with thorough, step-by-step instructions.

Why Choose Us?

We make it our mission to provide customized treatment to all of our patients specific needs. Contact us and we will get started on your unique medication immediately.